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2020 Year-end Review: GDToday fans activities

2020-December-28       Source: Newsgd.com

2020 has been a special year. This year, we still tried our best to share the joy of traditional Chinese festivals with you and hope to give you more support for your life in Guangzhou.

2020 has been a special year. This year, we still tried our best to share the joy of traditional Chinese festivals with you and hope to give you more support for your life in Guangzhou.

Now, we have recorded several memorable events. Let's have a look!

Catch the 'golden mouse' to win gifts from all around the world

GDToday invited Consul Generals from six continents to prepare a Chinese New Year gift for our fans. These gifts include furoshiki from Japan, A special edition football commemorating the World Cup champions given by Consulate General office of Germany in Guangzhou and so on. We have also created a special mascot for the Year of the Mouse.

Compete in Dragon Boat Racing game to win gifts

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival, we held an online dragon boat racing game so that fans could still feel the festive atmosphere. GDToday created new ideas and spent the special Dragon Boat Festival online with fans under the pandemic. The winners of the game also received hotel buffet coupons and small gifts from us.

Awesome mooncake making activity in GZ

On the Mid-Autumn Festival, we held an amazing moon cake making activity on the Pearl River. The number of applicants we received exceeded the preset number in this event. So, we set up two offline events to meet the needs of fans to learn to make mooncakes. This Mid-Autumn Festival event attracted more than forty fans from different countries, and it is undoubtedly the most popular fan event for this year.




GBA young musicians to stage online concert at Canton Tower

On the evening of October 11, we held an online concert with young musicians from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which was attended by 12 well-known pianists, violinists and bassists. The concert had broadcast live to audiences via multiple live streaming platforms and was held at the top of the Canton Tower. This is also the first time we have hosted an online live event.

Celebrate Winter Solstice with GDToday!

This year, Guangdong ushered in a cold winter. On the occasion of the winter solstice, we held a dumpling making activity along the Pearl River. The hot dumplings added warmth to fans in the cold winter.

Livestreaming on visa policies and Chinese culture held in Guangzhou

On the morning of November 21st, we live-streamed a lecture on visa policies and exit & Entry administration as well as Chinese culture. The live-stream event invited officers from Expert Service Division of Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Exit-Entry Administration of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau and some international Chinese language teachers. On that day, the foreigners in Guangzhou shared their interesting stories about their first arrival in Guangzhou and got some suggestions on living in China.


In the next year, 2021, what kind of fan activities do you hope to participate in GDToday? Welcome to leave a message to tell us!


Author | Alice

Editor | Jasmine, Wing, Jerry

Editor: Alice

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